Customized Print on Demand Stores

Open 24/7

Keep your store open year 'round for reorders and update your store with new items any time.

Custom Artwork

We can customize every item in your store, leave the boring stores who can only print your logo behind and level up your collection.


We can add your name and number to nearly every item in your store.

Team Rebates

Use your store to generate revenue for your team.

Drop Shipping

Every order shipped directly to each player.

Dynamic Rosters

If you want to order your uniforms through our stores, we can activate our dynamic rosters and eliminate duplicate number ordering by team!

Team Order Reports

Used with Uniform ordering, we can send you up to date reports by team of players who have ordered and who still needs to purchase!

Team Showcase

Create your online Team Showcase including both UNIFORMS and personalized APPAREL, both shipped directly to your players!  This means your players will be guaranteed delivery of their uniforms and get their extra matching spirit wear delivered at once!


Ordering team uniforms and custom apparel together offers several significant benefits, streamlining the process while enhancing team unity and brand identity. Firstly, it ensures consistency in quality, design, and color schemes across all apparel items, presenting a unified team image that can boost morale and team spirit. This approach also simplifies logistics, as dealing with a single supplier for both uniforms and additional custom apparel reduces the complexity of managing multiple orders and delivery schedules.

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